Interview Board Chairmanship for Companies

Potential Achieved. have proven success in chairing interview boards for a diverse range of clients, helping them find the right people to progress the company. We incorporate our competency based framework into tailored solutions and we can be as involved or uninvolved as you wish; we can facilitate an entire board for the recruiting process or simply participate as a consultant. Our interview board services often incorporate team coaching sessions where we instruct you on the most efficient methods of gathering information needed to make an informed recruitment decision.

Potential Achieved has successfully helped a number of companies select the right personnel for key positions. send us an email to find out how we can help you.

Coaching Your Key Staff

Recruitment processes can signal the start of fundamental changes to your company which can cause unnecessary glitches if not managed accordingly. Potential Achieved can equip you with the skills and knowledge to ensure a smooth transitionary period. We can help you establish a clear direction whilst also effectively handling the nuances of fundamental changes to the business. We treat each case individually, taking into account your company’s unique situation and corporate culture to create a tailored solution.

Potential Achieved works to the following codes of practice, as outlined by the Public Appointments Service (PAS)

☑ Code of Practice: Appointment to Positions in the Civil Service and Public Service
☑ Code of Practice: Appointment to the Position of Garda Trainee in An Garda Síochána
☑ Code of Practice: Emergency Short-term Appointments to Positions in the Health Service Executive
☑ Code of Practice: Appointment of Persons with Disabilities to Positions in the Civil Service and Certain Public Bodies
☑ Code of Practice: Atypical Appointments to Positions in the Civil Service and Certain Public Bodies

Interview Boards

Training and Preparation

Is your interview Board properly trained? Are they confident and comfortable, not only about the questions they are asking to get the best from your candidates but also about how to score them, how to make decisions on what they have heard and how to recognise their own biases?
Are they confident, when there is an internal competition or an internal candidate, that they can separate their previous knowledge from what they hear at the interview, in order to be consistent in their treatment of all candidates.

Chairing and Participating

When a professional, first class Chair for your interview Board or an Expert in numerous disciplines is required to sit on your Board, call on Potential Achieved to provide you with the best person.

Coaching for Your Executive Team

Are your Leadership Team or those who are destined to be Leaders fulfilling their role fully and successfully. Can they be challenged and supported to achieve more for themselves and for the company. Trust Potential Achieved to bring out the best in them.


"High quality preparation clarifying what information we needed to source from candidates and assisting us to frame questions that would get us that information.
Very clear in her direction to us of the process so we were assured and confident because Kate guided us safely through process. Never received negative feedback or complaints from candidates.
Very respectful in her interaction with candidates, giving an authentic message that we wanted them to do their best.
Very systematic in the record keeping, scores, comments etc. all of which was assuring for board and took burden from us.
I think this is the most important… Kate shared our corporate responsibility to get the best outcome even though she would not be affected by the outcome in the longer term. Therefore we trusted her."

Ann Ryan, Senior Manager, HIQA

"Kate brought leadership, experience and significant expertise to the whole interview process. I thought it made sure that NCBI was protected from any claims of unfairness"

David Hickson, CEO Fitzwilliam Card Club. Chairman, NCBI Services Company

"What I think you brought to the interview board last week:
You were confident in and comfortable with the whole process of competency based interviewing. This instilled confidence in the board which enabled us to participate at least somewhat effectively! You conveyed a sense of trust which enabled us to discuss both the process and the attributes of candidates without having to be overly concerned about anything other than what we were about.
I valued and depended upon your experience, expertise, leadership and wisdom throughout the two days and also the confidence you placed in us. Lastly, even though we were involved in an important and serious process, in your role as chair of the interview board you set the tone, which was one of ease, openness and professionalism with a little bit of humour thrown in , in perfect measure! I believe that this enabled the candidates to relax and engage in the conversation and I watched as they responded to your genuine interest in them and your curiosity about their experience to date, their role in what they described and what they believed they had to offer the particular role being interviewed for. I found the experience to be a valuable learning one for me as an interviewer and I observed and I think participated in a process that got the most from those being interviewed.
Thanks Kate!"

Elaine Howley, Chief Executive Officer, NCBI Services - Working for People with Sight Loss

"This is what I felt Kate Lawler brought to the Interview panel :
Humour - having a sense of humour with the panel and the candidates
Realism - coming across to the panel and the candidates as being down to earth and very real - giving the candidates an opportunity to be themselves
Probing - Kate gave candidates every opportunity to do their best at the interview by asking lots of questions in many different ways - trying to get the most out of the candidate
Adaptability - making allowance for having an inexperienced interviewer on the panel and helping them progress in their skills without judgement
Confidence – Kate inspired a professional confidence on the panel and for me it was good to have someone who was well experienced at interviewing and someone I felt confidently knew what they were at.
Liveliness, enthusiastic and bubbly would also be words to describe Kate, both professionally and personally."

Miriam Fletcher, HR Unit, Kildare House, Houses of the Oireachtas, Ireland