Interview Preparation

Preparing Your Application

After an initial consultation We meet, either in person or by Skype, specifically looking at the requirements of the role for which you are applying, matching those requirements to your experience and suggesting the experiences you will reference.

You then complete your application within a specified period of time, sending it to us. We give you competency by competency feedback till your application is ready to send.

Each application is tailored specifically to you so that the real and best you is presented to the shortlisting and interview board.

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Preparing Your CV

We will work together to ensure that your CV matches your experience and knowledge to the specific requirements of the role for which you are applying.

You will know your strengths and where you have the skills to take on this new role.

Preparing For The Interview

After initial consultation we meet, either in person or by Skype, and you are challenged to review each requirement for the role and each competency area, relive your experiences showing where you have the expertise to meet the requirements of the role and can talk about your skills at interview .

You leave the session with a bank of relived experiences which you can call upon, no matter what question you are asked or how you are tested.


"At the outset I found Kate was very approachable and I never felt anytime I was ringing or contacting her by e-mail that I was annoying her. I suppose I always felt her door was open. After our consultation, I did feel energised again and actually motivated to start completing the form as I gained a different insight and approach to the competency based model. Kate did help me come up with ideas/experiences and she was not just letting me settle on any experience for the sake of ticking a box but I do feel she pushed me harder to do better with them."

Member of An Garda Siochána

"I have used Kate Lawler HR Specialist services to help me in my quest for promotion in An Garda Siochána. I was first introduced to Kate by a colleague in 2012 when I was going forward for Superintendent. The work Kate did with me on the competency based interview, the application form and the coaching proved invaluable which resulted in success. This year, 2017, I was going forward for further promotion and again I called on Kate’s help. She spent a lot of time preparing me through the application short listing stage and through the preliminary and second interview stages. Her professional knowledge and experience in competency based interviewing, coupled with her honesty, attention to detail and generosity with her time, ensured that my preparation left nothing to chance. I have been again successful and currently on a promotion panel thanks to Kate."


"I met with Kate for some tuition and guidance regarding competency based interviews. In my dealings with Kate I found her to be extremely approachable, knowledgeable and experienced in this type of interview process. Kate was able to communicate in a clear and direct manner and her assistance was invaluable.
If you are seeking practical advice and guidance for career promotion from an experienced HR professional, I would strongly recommend Kate"

Public Sector employee

"I had the opportunity to engage the service of Kate Lawler recently for a role I was applying for. I found the whole experience extremely positive. Kate brings a wealth of experience, and professionalism to process. She worked with me throughout the process from advice on my application through to interview preparation. Kate is friendly, approachable, helpful, patient and demonstrates a true passion for her work. I truly appreciate the preparation work that she had gone through with me to ensure that I was ready. She provides an outstanding service and definitely one I would recommend to friends and colleagues. Thank you Kate."

Carol Grogan

"Kate helped me to prepare for my first interview in a decade. Her understanding of the complexities of the competency based interview helped bring my knowledge in this area up to date.
Through role play and dialogue, I found myself able to formulate clear, concise answers to the focused questions we worked through, with Kate helping me to draw examples from my experience to date.
There was also an emphasis on the softer interview skills. Kate emphasised the importance of body language, appropriate narratives, and self reflection in the interview, and offered incisive suggestions about potential areas of change.
This was all done in a professional, competent and insightful manner, with a few belly laughs along the way."

Senior Health Professional