high performance habits

Kate’s Thoughts On High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

I found this book easy to read, with a clear, confident, chatty style. It appears to be well researched and gives experiences from real people who have real challenges.

Potential Audience?

This book was written by a Coach for his clients, to encourage and work with them on their road to high performance. I believe it can be read, enjoyed and become a road map by everyone who wishes to be a high achiever.

Because this book is about people who are already achievers there might be a tendency to think ‘we’ or ‘they’ have it all, have a charmed life and have arrived. I was challenged on a number of levels.

  • to look at high performance, asking difficult questions, pushing that bit further
  • the difference between repetition (in order to learn new skills) and building on each stage which will challenge both myself and my clients beyond our comfort zones.
  • use the 10 steps in ‘Progressive Mastery’ (based on Anders Ericsson’s ‘deliberate practice’).
  • how to Sustain Success and continuously remind myself of some of the traps we can fall into. There is nowhere to hide.

What did I learn from reading this book?

I learned three key things from this book:

  1. the best way of turning a question asked by a coachee back on themselves. It is ok to challenge.
  2. asking the right question to turn what appeared to be a hard issue, into feelings.
  3. challenging the tendency to look at what appears to be a ‘charmed’ life, with everything, externally, looking good.

What tool/approach/method will I bring to my coaching practice?

I will encourage my coachees to look at who they have surrounded themselves with and what effect those associations are having on their life and work (whatever their focus is).


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