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Professional Coaching

At Potential Achieved, we have created an environment that is effective for professional coaching. Our background in psychometrics and proficiency in competency based interviewing has lead us to develop innovative professional coaching techniques. We have seen many of our clients secure senior positions in their careers through successful application of our professional development strategies.

Our goal at Potential Achieved, is for our clients to feel encouraged and empowered for successful professional development by receiving all the necessary tools from us. Our professional coaching services also focus on equipping you with new skills that apply to your specific development. We tailor each of our coaching programmes to meet the individual needs of each client so that you will see optimum results.

The Potential Achieved Difference

At Potential Achieved, we go beyond only helping our clients get the new position they want; we give you professional coaching and development that equips you with strategies that you will use throughout your professional life.

With our professional coaching and professional development, we help our clients take the next step in their professional lives. Our professional coaching will help you learn skills to stay on top of responsibilities, handle each of your professional relationships appropriately, give a bump to your stalled career, and help you take the next step on your career path.

Professional development can seem daunting, however with the support from Potential Achieved, you will gain the confidence in your skills and abilities to ensure your professional development.

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Professional Coaching FAQ

  • Does Potential Achieved only work with individuals?

    Potential Achieved not only works with individuals for professional coaching, but also with companies and organisations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company with professional development.

  • How much do your professional development services cost?

    At Potential Achieved, the cost of our services varies with each client. It will depend on how many session we believe you will gain success from. Please reach out to us so that we can discuss your needs.