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**Developing Careers through Competency Based Solutions


Our mission at Potential Achieved is to help you realise your potential and develop your career through competency based solutions. We have proven success in assisting clients in advancing into senior roles. We use a combination of approaches rooted in psychometrics to assist you in being successful in your chosen career, from the initial application right through to the interview process. 

We tailor our solutions to you, as we find we can achieve the best results when your own knowledge and experience is challenged. The Potential Achieved style is very much inquisitive; we use competency-based interviewing scenarios incorporating incisive questioning in order to draw out your skills and realise your own potential. Our goal is to help you achieve professional development no matter the stage you are currently at in your career. Through interview preparation and individual career coaching, you will learn the skills needed to take these next steps in your professional life with confidence and achieve the desired career development. 

In addition to our individual career development solutions, we also offer an interview board chairmanship service to companies. At Potential Achieved, we work with multiple clients, including the civil and public sector through the Public Appointments service, and look forward to bringing our experience and expertise to you. Whether you are a private or public sector organisation, we can help you select the most suitable candidates for important roles ensuring a successful future for your company. This service also incorporates change management, preparing yourself and your staff for fundamental changes to the structure of the company.

Whatever your goal is; changing your role, changing your job, or simply changing your approach, Potential Achieved will help you get there.

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About Us

Potential Achieved was established by Kate T. Lawler, an experienced Senior Consultant, Coach, Project Manager, and Business Change Consultant.

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Individual Coaching

In order to effectively coach you on advancing your career, Potential Achieved utilises innovative mentoring techniques and competency based challenges.

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Interview Preparation

A strong application will increase your chances of securing an interview. Our team will help you make the best impression possible in the interview.

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We provide training and preparation for interview boards so you can hire the best people for your company. We also offer board chairing and participation.

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Garda Promotions

At Potential Achieved, we offer webinars and individual coaching on application and interview preparation for Chief Superintendent Competitions.

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Training & Learning Courses

Potential Achieved has many learning materials to help you further progress your career. Purchase your online training and development course today.

Professional Coaching

By leveraging our professional background in psychometrics and competency in the increased importance of competency-based interview techniques, Potential Achieved can offer professional coaching services that allow individuals to successfully progress in their careers.

Professional Coaching

Advantages of Professional Coaching

 1. Established a goal and create a structure to help an individual achieve their goals

Oftentimes an individual seeks out professional coaching because they have become stuck in their career path. This feeling of being stuck is often because an individual doesn’t have a clear career goal. A professional coach will help an individual clearly define their goals while offering advice and realistic tips on how the individual can go about achieving their workplace aspirations.

Goals are usually built around two aspects of a person’s career:

- Building Skill Sets: E.g. helping an individual improve their skill set or their professional competencies
- Improving our refining an individual’s professional behaviour

Our professional coaching Dublin expert, helps clients set their goals and create a roadmap that allows progress goal progress to be tracked and monitored.

2. Increase of overall career engagement

Taking the important step in seeking professional coaching means an individual has decided to focus on their career. Potential Achieved’s professional coach harnesses this engagement with one-to-one feedback and encouragement. This process helps make professional coaching a fulfilling and empowering experience for the client. When a person focuses directly on their career they can make logical and accurate decisions on how they want their career to progress.

3. Safe and private space to gain career perspective

A professional career coach gives an individual a secure and confidential place to discuss sensitive issues. Talking through career issues openly, honestly and with a professional with specific career coaching competencies allows an individual to gain perspective and insight in a non-intimating environment.

4. Develop personal awareness

Our Dublin professional coach can identify areas where an individual can improve their professional lives. This can include helping the individual see how they are perceived by others, and identify areas where they can improve their perception within a professional setting.

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